Application of silicon steel in different industries

28 Nov 2023
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GNEE Steel Silicon Steel Sheet
As the core basic functional material of the power industry, steel silicon steel runs through the entire process of material selection, design, assembly and manufacturing, and scientific application in the electrical equipment industry. 
oriented silicon steel
1. UHV field
The grades of oriented silicon steel continue to improve, which strongly supports my country's world-leading power transmission and transformation technology. In the domestic market, Baosteel's mature and stable supply of ultra-low loss grain-oriented silicon steel guarantees the UHV, large-capacity, long-distance "West-East Power Transmission" national project, as well as the high-efficiency development of urban and rural power transmission and distribution transformers. Grain-oriented silicon steel has been applied in batches to nearly 30 UHV AC and DC projects since 2013. In particular, B23R075 and other products have been successfully applied in the world's first and only ±1100kV UHV DC transmission project with the highest voltage level, the largest transmission capacity, the longest transmission distance and the most advanced technology. In the international market, the company's supply in the two phases of the ±800KV UHV DC project in Meilishan, Brazil, accounted for 50% of the supply in the first phase, and nearly 80% in the second phase; it accounted for 100% of the ±660KV DC project in Mura, Pakistan.
non oriented silicon steel
2.High-efficiency energy-saving transformer
The downstream transformer industry has an annual manufacturing capacity of about 1.7 billion kVA in recent years, which is relatively stable. The infrastructure construction of domestic power facilities is still in progress. In the past two years, the construction of ultra-high voltage transmission, followed by the construction of supporting AC power grid and distribution transformers. It is expected that the investment in the power industry will maintain an annual growth rate of 5% to 10%. On the other hand, with the improvement of transformer energy efficiency standards in China, Europe, India, Japan and other regions, the demand for ultra-low loss products will increase significantly in the future.
cold rolled electrical steel
3. Non-oriented silicon steel for new energy vehicles
After more than ten years of independent research and development of my country, the high-grade
non-oriented silicon steel has been applied to the global mainstream automobile brands. Since 2009, it has sold more than 500,000 tons to the market and equipped nearly 8 million new energy vehicles around the world. It has become the world's largest supplier of silicon steel for new energy vehicle drive motors with the most complete brands and multiple bases. Industry leadership.

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