Characteristics and selection guide of medium frequency cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel

06 Dec 2023
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GNEE Steel Cold Rolled Non-oriented Electrical Steel
Medium frequency cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel is an important electrical material, widely used in motor, generator and other fields. It has the advantages of low hysteresis loss, high saturation magnetic induction, low iron loss, etc., and plays a key role in improving energy efficiency and reducing energy consumption.
Low hysteresis loss refers to the low hysteresis loss of medium frequency cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel, which can effectively reduce the energy loss of the motor and improve the energy utilization efficiency. The medium frequency cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel has a high saturation magnetic induction intensity, which can store more magnetic energy in a smaller volume and improve the output power of the motor. The medium frequency cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel has low iron loss, which can reduce the temperature rise of the motor and improve the service life and reliability of the equipment. In addition, the medium frequency cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel has good permeability, which can improve the working efficiency of the motor and reduce the energy loss.
According to the specific use requirements, choose the appropriate size and thickness. Under normal circumstances, the thinner electrical steel sheet has lower iron loss and hysteresis loss, but the thicker electrical steel sheet has a higher saturation magnetic induction strength. Check whether the surface of the electrical steel sheet is smooth and has no obvious defects such as bumps, scratches and rust. The flat surface can improve the permeability of the electrical steel sheet and the working efficiency of the motor. Understand the magnetic properties of silicon steel sheet, such as saturation magnetic induction, hysteresis loss and iron loss. Choosing products with higher saturation magnetic induction intensity and lower hysteresis loss and iron loss can improve the performance of the motor. Choose well-known brands of medium frequency cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel products, such as well-known steel enterprises at home and abroad. These brands usually have a high level of quality assurance and reliability. When considering the price factor, the quality, performance and price of electrical steel sheet are considered comprehensively, and the products with higher cost performance are selected.
non-oriented electrical steel
Medium frequency cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel needs to be properly stored to avoid contact with moisture and acid and alkali substances to prevent rust and quality loss. During the transportation process, attention should be paid to prevent the vibration and collision of the silicon steel sheet to avoid damage. During the installation and use of the electrical steel sheet, the relevant rules and precautions should be followed to ensure the normal operation and stability of the equipment.
By understanding the characteristics and starting guide of medium frequency cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel, we can better choose suitable products. In the process of starting, it is necessary to consider factors such as specifications and thickness, surface quality, magnetic properties, brand and reputation, as well as price and cost performance. The correct selection and use of medium-frequency cold-rolled non-oriented electrical steel will effectively improve the performance of the motor, reduce energy consumption, and contribute to the development of various industries.
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