What Is Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Used For?

07 Dec 2023
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What is Grain Oriented Electrical Steel?

Grain oriented electrical steels are a vital material for the energy-efficient production of transformers and heavy-duty and optimum performance generators. It is in the form of punched, wound or laminated sheets. Additionally, it acts as the essential core material for such applications, using superior magnetic properties produced in the rolling direction of the grain.

The Benefits Of GOES

Energy Efficiency

What Are The Benefits Of Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Sheets?

As mentioned above, this sheeting and strip material offers a high level of efficiency due to its silicon level of approximately 3%. During the processing of GOES, the creation is so meticulous, that optimal properties are developed in magnetics during the rolling direction. Consequently, allowing for a longer-lasting and durable option compared to standard metals such as stainless steel.

This level of attention achieved by our grain oriented electrical steels suppliers leads to more effective and compact designs, and subsequently, less material is needed in production.

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Highly Effective

Grain oriented electrical steels offers both a high stacking factor and extreme magnetic properties, through a vigorously controlling production process. Using high-silicon, hot-rolled coil feedstocks prior to secondary pre-crystallisation, incomparable manufacturing results are accomplished. As a result, allowing for immediate operation. In fact, grains have been known to grow to over 30mm because of such conditions.

What Does Grain Oriented Electrical Steel Do?

This sought after material enhances ease of winding within generators and transformers, improving productivity and reducing the need for consistent maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction

As expert grain oriented electrical steel producers, we are confident in continuously meeting the needs of our clients. To achieve the same high standards of production, we measure each magnetic coil during the intensive testing process. After that, we form the metal sheet into the exact grade required. This allows you to stay confident that our electrical steel grades will immediately support your operations running smoothly.

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