Non-oriented electrical steel, learn about the application fields of non-oriented electrical steel

13 Dec 2023
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Electrical steel is a special kind of steel. It is mainly used to manufacture electrical equipment such as motors, transformers, coils, etc. Its characteristic is that it does not have magnetic orientation, which means that the magnetism will not be biased in a certain direction, so in the actual application process It has good electromagnetic properties and mechanical properties.

1. Principles and properties of non-oriented electrical steel

The principle of non-oriented electrical steel is to use elements such as silicon, aluminum, and phosphorus in its composition and process to make it. Its main properties are high magnetic permeability, low magnetic saturation point, small hysteresis and high wear resistance. These properties are exactly in line with the material requirements of the electrical appliance industry.

2. Production process flow of non-oriented electrical steel

The process flow of manufacturing non-oriented electrical steel mainly includes the preparation of raw materials, hot press casting, hot rolling, annealing, cold rolling, surface treatment and other links. The rigor of the production process and the rationality of the links directly affect the performance of the material. Performance.

3.Application fields of non-oriented electrical steel

Electrical steel is mainly used in electrical equipment manufacturing industries such as motors, transformers, coils, etc. These industries place strict requirements on the magnetic permeability and high wear resistance of the material, and also have extremely high requirements on the safety and reliability of the material.
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4. Market prospects of non-oriented electrical steel

With the continuous development of the modern electrical industry, especially the increasing demand for energy-saving products, the market prospects for non-oriented electrical steel are broad. At the same time, electrical steel has high added value and profit margins, and is expected to become a market segment with high growth in the future.

5. Comparison of manufacturers and product quality of non-oriented electrical steel

There are many manufacturers in the electrical steel market, and the quality of products from different manufacturers is also different. When selecting a supplier, factors such as the supplier's qualifications, brand influence, production management and production equipment should be comprehensively considered to ensure the quality and stability of the selected products.

6. The future development direction and opportunities of non-oriented electrical steel

The future development direction of electrical steel is mainly to improve the performance of materials, improve production technology, and reduce production costs. At the same time, there are many opportunities waiting for the further application and development of non-oriented electrical steel materials in fields such as new energy, intelligence, and the Internet of Things.

In summary, non-oriented electrical steel is a material with broad application prospects and good market prospects. Its performance and quality are directly related to the quality and production efficiency of electrical equipment, so it requires more attention during the production and application process. and support.
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