What to See in the Regular Inspection of Oil-immersed Transformers?

15 Jan 2024
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GNEE Steel 1000 kva oil filled transformer

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of oil-immersed transformers, it is indispensable for us to inspect the transformer regularly. Only regular inspections can detect problems in time and solve them better, so as to reduce the failure rate of transformers to a greater extent. Then, since So, what to look for in regular inspection of oil-immersed transformers?


Ⅰ. What to look for in regular inspection of oil-immersed transformers?

1. Check the instrument. For the instruments of the transformer control panel, such as ammeter, voltmeter, power meter, etc., the meter should be read once every 1-2 hours, and the daily load curve should be drawn. When running under overload conditions, the meter should be read every 0.5h. When the meter is not in the control room, it should be recorded at least twice per shift.

2. Check the power supply voltage of the oil-immersed transformer. Ensure that the variation range of the power supply voltage is within ±5% of the rated voltage. If the voltage is too high or too low for a long time, be sure to adjust the tap changer to deal with it.

3. Check the temperature and temperature rise of the oil-immersed transformer. In the actual operation of the transformer, because the copper loss and iron loss are generated, the coil and the iron core are heated, so the phenomenon of temperature rise will inevitably occur. Of course, in general, the allowable temperature rise is different from the actual material and the oil-immersed transformer. It is related to the type of transformer, no matter what kind, pay attention to monitoring and recording the temperature rise and temperature of the transformer.

Check the oil temperature and quantity of the transformer oil.

4. Transformer oil is an important medium in the operation of oil-immersed transformers. Its quality and quantity are very important. It is necessary to monitor the transformer oil in real time to ensure that the quality is passed and the oil quantity is appropriate.

5. Check the insulating sleeve. Check whether the insulating sleeve is clean, and there are no damaged cracks and discharge burn marks. Of course, when the oil-immersed transformer is actually used, it is necessary to check the explosion-proof pipe, gas relay, grounding, protection equipment and transformer room, etc., to confirm that all parameters are normal, and to ensure the safe and stable operation of the transformer.

oil immersed hermetically sealed type transformer
oil immersed distribution transformer

Ⅱ. Steps for disassembling oil-immersed transformers

The disassembly of oil-immersed transformers is an important operation of oil-immersed transformers. In the process of disassembling oil-immersed transformers, it is necessary to understand the main steps and related processes of oil-immersed transformer disassembly, and then scientific disassembly. What are the steps for dismantling an oil-immersed transformer?

Steps for disassembling the oil-immersed transformer: 1. First, release the oil-immersed transformer oil (pack it in a container and sell it to the merchants that recycle oil-immersed transformer oil); 2. Unscrew the upper cover of the oil-immersed transformer and remove it. Use a crane to lift the core of the oil-immersed transformer (hanging core) on the upper cover of the oil-immersed transformer. At this time, the core is separated from the casing of the oil-immersed transformer; 3. Remove the primary and secondary coils (copper), and separate the core from the coil.

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hermetically sealed oil filled transformer

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