Oriented silicon steel for wind power generation

29 Jan 2024
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GNEE Steel Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

Grain-oriented silicon steel is a special electrical steel that is usually used to make chips for motors and transformers. In wind power generation, oriented silicon steel is mainly used to manufacture the core parts of the generator, namely the stator and rotor.

Grain-oriented silicon steel has excellent magnetic permeability and low hysteresis losses, making it ideal for the core of electric motors. In wind turbines, the motor core plays a key role, affecting the efficiency and performance of the entire generator. Here are some of the main applications of oriented silicon steel in wind power:

Generator stator: Oriented silicon steel is often used in the stator of generators, which is the part that cooperates with the rotating rotor to generate electrical energy. The low hysteresis loss of oriented silicon steel helps improve the efficiency of generators and reduce energy losses.

Generator rotor: The rotor is another important part of the generator and also requires the use of oriented silicon steel. The rotor generates a magnetic field through rotation, which interacts with the magnetic field of the stator to generate electrical energy. The characteristics of oriented silicon steel help to increase the magnetic permeability of the rotor and improve the performance of the motor.


The main goal of using oriented silicon steel is to reduce energy losses and increase the efficiency of the generator. Wind turbines need to operate under various wind speed conditions, and the properties of oriented silicon steel allow it to perform well under different magnetic fields and frequencies.


It should be noted that the manufacture and application of oriented silicon steel requires special processes and technologies to ensure its stable performance under high frequencies and high magnetic fields. In the wind power industry, choosing the right motor core materials is crucial to improving the efficiency and reliability of the generator.

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