Application of Cold Rolled Steel

01 Feb 2024
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1. Introduction of cold rolled steel

Cold rolled steel refers to steel produced by cold rolling. Both hot rolling and cold rolling are processes for forming steel plates or profiles, but they have a great influence on the structure and properties of steel. Nowadays, cold rolling is usually only used for the production of steel with precision dimensions such as small sections and thin plates.

The properties of cold rolled steel: its strength is high, but its toughness and weldability are average. It is relatively hard, brittle, and has a bright surface.


2. Application of cold rolled steel

Cold rolled steel has good mechanical properties, which makes it an indispensable material in the manufacture of intelligent machines and precision instruments.

Of course, the application of cold rolled steel for sale is not only these. Since cold-rolled steel has excellent physical properties such as smooth and clean surface, high dimensional accuracy, and good mechanical properties, it is widely used in various types of manufacturing and high-strength applications. For example, vehicles such as airplanes and cars. They not only require the use of wear-resistant materials to ensure the service life, but also require physical properties such as compression resistance and impact resistance to ensure its safety.

Nowadays, cold rolled steel is also required to manufacture various parts of many household appliances. While ensuring a longer service life, it also provides a better aesthetic experience, thereby bringing greater room for improvement in home appliance design.

Looking around the world, cold rolled steel production in many developed countries has reached 30% of all steel production. In today's rapidly developing China, the demand for cold rolled steel is also growing rapidly. Of course, due to the different requirements for the thickness, surface finish, hardness, and strength of the steel coil, different solutions are also needed for the actual industry.

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