Pole mounted transformer definition and application

06 Feb 2024
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GNEE Steel pole distribution transformer
1. What is pole mounted transformer?
Pole-mounted transformers are power distribution transformers that are mounted on a power pole (wood or concrete) and usually horizontal to overhead cables. Pole mounted transformers are common breadbox transformers used for converting distribution voltage to a 120/240 volt power source used by homes and small businesses.

Pole mounted three-phase transformer of MBT company
Pole mounted power transformers are used in many rural areas. These transformers range from 16 kVA to 100kVA and convert 11,000 to 33,000 volts to 400 volts low. Pole mounted transformers are reasonably small in size and mass. We can easily install on single-pole structures and larger units on two-pole structures, approximately 5 meters from the ground. This makes transformers inaccessible, reduces the risk of injury to animals and humans, and minimizes vandalism.

Pole mounted single phase transformer 

2. Advantage and disadvantage of pole mounted transformer.

Pole-mounted transformer versions have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are the pros and cons to help you decide what will work out best.
Pole mounted transformers reduce the risk of injury to residents.
When you place transformers on the ground, they must be enclosed in a protected area because people who do not understand the risks can access that area. The transformers mounted high above will not be disturbed by the locals, and there is little chance that someone will climb up and mess up the transformer and get hurt.
Compact: pole mounted transformers are extremely compact and don't take up precious ground space.
If you are working on a smaller plot of land that is being developed, it may be absurd to designate such a piece of land as a ground substation. With column-mounted transformers, there is no need to worry about making use of ground space.
Pole-mounted transformers might be more difficult to maintain.
One of the immense damages to a transformer mounted on a pole is that when something goes wrong, you have to ask specific electrical companies to work with the know-how to access the transformer on the pole and do the work. On the ground, accessibility is easy, so maintenance is less likely to be overlooked and if something goes wrong they can be done faster
Pole mounted transformers may have to be replaced more quickly.
Since these transformers are mounted high above the ground, they are in heavy contact with the elements. Although the sheaths of these transformers are designed to be highly resilient to things like wind and rain, they sometimes have to be replaced before a ground transformer would.
single phase pole mounted transformer
3 phase pole mounted transformer
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