How To Maintain Ppgi Coil?

28 Feb 2024
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Although factory ppgi coils last many years longer than regular painted panels, ppgi coils still need to be thoroughly cleaned. If there is automatic washing of rainwater, such as roof slabs, no maintenance is required. Cleaning removes the accumulated corrosion of the ppgi coil and maintains the aesthetics of the building without the need for painting. Places that need to be cleaned include brackets, side panels under drip eaves, warehouse door panels, grooves on the back of drip eaves, etc.


(1) Cleaning: Usually, most of the dust and residue accumulated on the surface of the ppgi coil can be removed with clean water. In theory, ppgi coils should be cleaned at least every six months. More frequent cleaning should be done in coastal areas with more salt spray and in places with more industrial dust.


For stubborn stains that cannot be removed by ppgi coil, weak detergent or household ammonia can be used to clean them. In any case, before cleaning a large area of the ppgi coil, scrub off inconspicuous small pieces. Take a scoop of "tide" laundry detergent (or other detergent with less than 0.5% phosphate) and dissolve it in 5 gallons of hot water; or dissolve a cup of household ammonia in 5 gallons of room temperature water. Do not mix ammonia with any bleach; do not mix detergent and bleach without permission. If cleaning and bleaching is required, use a detergent that contains bleach.

prepainted galvanized steel coil

ppgi steel coil

Using any of the above cleaners, clean the ppgi coil surface from top to bottom with a soft soaked cloth, sponge, soft brush or low pressure nozzle to avoid streaks and bright spots. Stain removal powders or industrial detergents are not recommended as they can damage the paint. Water-soluble detergents are effective and can be used. If the fungus and mold cannot be removed by the above methods, it is recommended to use a detergent that contains bleach, such as "tide" bleach. The cleaned ppgi coil surface should be completely free of detergent residues.


(2) Repainting: If scratches appear during installation and use of ppgi coil, it may be necessary to repaint the defective parts. Improper or excessive repair may damage the entire surface of the ppgi coil. Scratches that are not apparent at 6 feet should not be repaired as the ppgi coil may be covered by normal wind erosion.


Only the peeling parts of the paint need to be repaired for ppgi coil paint repairs. Dirt, paraffin, and other grime will need to be removed with alcohol from the parts to be repaired prior to paint repairs. Touch-up paint is not recommended for repairing large areas of ppgi coil, as touch-up paint does not air dry as well as factory pre-painted. Consult the building panel manufacturer or coating supplier for a suitable gunning system. Aerosol or spray repairs are not recommended for scratch defects. A better repair tool is a high-quality, 1/2-inch or smaller paint brush. If maintained as above, the ppgi coil will retain its original color for a long time.

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