What industries are dry-type transformers used in?

12 Mar 2024
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Mineral Mining:Mineral mining involves highly flammable and explosive minerals (coal, oil, natural gas) that require high safety for transformers. Therefore, safety is the primary consideration, followed by whether transformers can operate, cool, and maintain normally in harsh environments (high and low temperatures, high temperatures, and dust)


Energy - Power Generation:After the power station generates electricity, it has to go through a long distance to transport the electricity to various regions for supply. During transmission, the high current creates a high heating effect, which melts the wire and causes increased resistive losses. At this time, the current needs to be transmitted through the step-up transformer to increase the voltage and reduce the current, keeping the power constant. High-voltage transmission has higher efficiency and saves operating costs.Choosing a prefabricated compact substation is a good solution.


solar energy generation:Environmental factors must first be considered. For example, when photovoltaic power generation is carried out in the desert, in order to avoid the dry-type transformer being completely exposed outdoors, it will be affected by environmental factors such as high temperature, drought, and dust,Equipped with metal housing according to protection level.


Wind power generation:Fully considering the harsh climate and environmental conditions during operation in the wind turbine cabin, as well as the limitations of cabin size, dry type transformers that are easy to install, reliable, maintenance free, corrosion resistant, and vibration resistant are the primary considerations


Hydroelectric power:Due to the fact that dry-type transformers can operate in humid environments, we need to consider waterproofing, moisture resistance, air circulation, and other aspects of the transformer. In order to avoid direct contact with the transformer by personnel in humid working environments, a transformer shell must be equipped.


Vehicle charging:Electric Car EV Charging Station Dry Type Transformer :In addition to considering the environment, it is also necessary to consider issues such as temperature, life, loss, impact, maintenance, etc.Low ‘No-load losses’ for efficiency during long idling period meeting、Long-term reliability and long-life expectancy.


Transportation Industry:The transportation industry generally includes Rail transport, Road transport, Water transport, and Air freight. Due to different usage environments, dry type transformers should be selected according to different environments and meet the requirements of different protection levels (vibration, dust, humidity, high voltage).


Urban Ecology and Construction、Civil:In urban ecological construction, dry type transformers with low loss, low noise, obvious energy-saving effects, maintenance free, good heat dissipation, and environmental protection should be selected to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution, and avoid fire and other hazards that may harm human safety and property.

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