Pole mounted transformer Advantages

22 Mar 2024
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• Wide range of applications: widely used in homes and small capacity commercial facilities as well as in remote areas.

• Increase power supply: Column transformers are highly flexible and usually provide single-phase output. Transformers of the same specification can be combined into three phases to increase the load and improve power supply capacity.

• Low cost: Compared with other oil-immersed distribution transformers, it has low cost and excellent performance.

• Reduce space and save space: electric pole transformer are small in size and light in weight, and are usually installed on the top of utility poles without taking up valuable ground space.

• Safety: Keep away from the ground, thereby reducing the risk of injury to people and animals and reducing vandalism. Maximizing the safety of the transformer.

• Long life: The closed structure prevents oxidation of the transformer oil. Usually the life of an oil-immersed transformer is between 30-60 years.

• Easy installation: The small size and mass of pole top transformer make it easy to install them in single-pole structures.


• Environment: Harsh environmental factors and the impact of flying and climbing animals will increase the damage rate of the transformer.

• Maintenance: When the transformer is damaged or malfunctions, it needs to be maintained on the utility pole, resulting in increased maintenance costs.

three phase pole mounted transformer
pole mounted three phase transformer

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