What is the choice of oil immersed transformer

11 Apr 2024
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The following aspects should be considered when choosing the right oil immersed transformer:


1. Consider the load property

1, A large number of primary or secondary loads, two or more transformers must be installed, if a transformer is disconnected, the remaining transformer capacity can meet the first and second class loads. The secondary load is as concentrated as possible, not very scattered.

2. If the seasonal load capacity is large, a special transformer must be installed. Such as AC engine load, heating load, etc.

3. A special transformer must be installed when the concentrated load is greater. Such as large heating equipment, large X-ray machines, arc furnaces and so on.

4. Lighting special transformers can be adjusted when the lighting load is greater or power and lighting are used to seriously affect the quality of the light and the life of the bulb. In general, electric transformers and general lighting.

2. Different requirements for environmental use

Under normal intermediate conditions, oil-immersed or dry transformers can be selected, such as industrial and mining companies, independent or agricultural installed substations, and small community self-supporting substations. Available transformers include S8, S9, S10, SC (B) 9, SC (B) 10, etc.

3. Selection of load and power capacity

GNEE oil-immersed capacity transformer, integrating all types of facilities, electrical equipment capacity, and computational load (generally no fire load), it is clear after the compensation capacity is the basis for selecting transformer capacity and Figures. The general transformer load rate is about 85%. This method is simple and can be used to estimate capacity.

Oil immersed power transformer
Oil immersed transformer

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