Indian Customers Visited GNEE Electric Co., Ltd. And Ordered Transformer Products

13 Apr 2024
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On April 13, 2024, a customer from India visited our company in Henan, China. Customers are interested in our company's products and have expressed interest in visiting our manufacturing process in person.


When customers arrive, we take them to visit our factory and show them our production lines for various products. Clients are impressed by the efficiency of our state-of-the-art equipment and processes. They appreciate the attention to detail and quality control measures we implement during the production process.


We also discussed our company's values and commitment to environmental sustainability, which resonated well with the client's own beliefs. They are interested in learning about our efforts to reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint.


The 26 20kV oil-immersed transformers provided by GNEE Electric are customized according to the actual needs of customers and have the following characteristics:

  • Model: 20/0.4KV-2500KVA oil-immersed transformer;
  • Main materials: high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel plate, T1 pure copper coil, Class B high-temperature insulation material.
  • Impedance voltage: 7%; connection group: DYN5; temperature rise: 55/50°C
  • Special customization: Installation of high and low voltage bushing protection boxes


These transformers performed well in performance tests and fully met customer requirements. In addition, GNEE Electric also introduced the manufacturing process and quality control system of transformers. GNEE Electric uses advanced production equipment and strict quality control standards to ensure that each transformer meets local electrical standards and customer needs

1. In terms of manufacturing technology, GNEE Electric uses high-temperature vacuum drying technology to effectively improve the insulation and explosion-proof performance of power transformers. At the same time, an online monitoring system is introduced to monitor key links in the production process in real time to ensure the consistency of product quality.

2. In terms of quality control, a comprehensive quality management system has been established to strictly control every step from raw material procurement, component processing to product delivery. GNEE Electric's quality inspection covers many aspects such as appearance, performance, reliability, etc., ensuring the stable operation of power transformers in oil production enterprises.

3. In addition, GNEE Electric will maintain close cooperation with customers and provide comprehensive after-sales service and technical support to meet the growing needs of customers. Through this inspection and acceptance, the customer fully understood the performance and advantages of the 20kV-2500kva oil-immersed transformer customized by GNEE Electric. At the same time, GNEE Electric has also gained recognition and trust from customers, laying a solid foundation for future cooperation between the two parties.

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