Korean Customers Visit GNEE Steel Silicon Steel Factory

25 Apr 2024
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On April 24, 2024, GNEE Steel warmly welcomed distinguished guests from South Korea. The customer wanted to purchase silicon steel products and they were looking for silicon steel manufacturers. After several rounds of preliminary business and technical exchanges, the customer was deeply impressed by GNEE Steel's professionalism in the steel industry and recognized the company's rich experience and strong capabilities. Since they were looking for a long-term partnership, the customer chose to come to China from South Korea to visit the GNEE Steel factory in person to verify the company's advantages.
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The customer had extensive conversations with GNEE Steel's technical engineers, specifically addressing the technical prerequisites for silicon steel products. It is worth noting that silicon steel, commonly known as silicon steel sheet or silicon steel sheet, is an extremely low-carbon ferrosilicon soft magnetic alloy that is indispensable in the power, electronics and military industries. It is also the most produced metal functional material, with its output accounting for approximately 10% of the world's total. It accounts for 1% of steel production. It is a ferrosilicon alloy containing 0.8%-4.8% silicon. It is hot and cold rolled into silicon steel sheets with a thickness of less than 1mm. Adding silicon can increase the resistivity and maximum magnetic permeability of iron, reduce coercivity, core loss (iron loss) and magnetic aging. It is mainly used as the core of various motors, generators and transformers.
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The customer left the GNEE Steel factory with a feeling of satisfaction and contentment, expressing his heartfelt appreciation for the company's production technology and quality control. At the end of the visit, they were confident about the prospects for a deeper partnership in the future.


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