Celebrating the successful completion of the visit of Indian customers to the silicon steel factory

11 May 2024
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 On May 10, 2024, we took Indian customers to visit various areas of the grain-oriented silicon steel factory. First, we came to the oriented silicon steel production workshop. What we see are automated production lines and busy workers. Customers showed great interest in my country's advanced production equipment and technology and happily took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Cold rolled grain oriented electrical steelCRGO electrical steel
Cold rolled grain orientedCold rolled grain oriented electrical steel

At the end of the factory inspection, we presented gifts with Chinese characteristics to our customers to express our gratitude and friendship to them. The customer was moved by our factory's sincerity and expressed his expectations for the results of future cooperation.

After the customer left, we organized a summary meeting to analyze and improve the shortcomings in the factory inspection process. We know that only by continuously improving the overall strength of the factory can we better serve our customers and achieve win-win development.

In short, the arrival of Indian customers is not only an inspection of our factory, but also an encouragement for our work. We will continue to work hard to provide customers with high-quality products and services to create a better future together.

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