GNEE STEEL – one of the leaders in the global silicon steel market

18 Oct 2022
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silicon steel – The high-tech core material of the future with outstanding efficiency
The steel business of GNEE is one of the global market leader of silicon steels. The product range includes the semi-finished as well as the fully-finished grades. Our silicon steels contribute greatly to a reduction of the remagnetization losses during the transfer and distribution of electrical energy to a minimum.

The company carries out wholesale and retail sales of silicon steel according to customers' requirements and produces special specifications and special quality materials abroad and sells them to the domestic market.
Vision: One of our basic principles: the principle of not breaking the trust our customers have in us is the greatest capital of our company and has been adopted as the goal to be customer-oriented.
Mission: As GNEE Steel, our first priority is to accept all our customers as partners and provide them with reliable services and quality materials.
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