GNEE had a successful meeting with Russian customer representatives

23 Mar 2023
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Russia, known as the Russian Federation, is located in the Eurasian continent, bordering our country on land, and is a developed industrial and agricultural country with a comprehensive national power in the world, and a strong industrial base, with the main sectors being electricity, chemicals, iron and steel, petroleum, gold treatment, machinery, etc.

Since last year, our company has been in contact with the customer, in the spirit of "the customer is God", "never let any potential customer" sales concept, our international sales department staff had many times with the customer had good communication and The customer has a detailed understanding of GNEE Group, and we also know the deep needs of the other party. This visit, the excellent nature of our products, advanced technology and suitable price also moved the other party, the customer directly placed an order and signed the order on the spot. He also said that he would continue to cooperate with us in the future and looked forward to a longer and better cooperation with us.
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