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amorphous steel core transformer
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amorphous distribution transformer
amorphous core type distribution transformer
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Amorphous Alloy Oil-Immersed Three-Phase Transformer

As a new energy-saving technology, amorphous alloy transformer energy-saving performance is mainly derived from the use of a new type of iron-based amorphous alloy with excellent soft magnetic properties. Amorphous alloy core transformer is a kind of transformer made of new magnetic conducting material-amorphous alloy.
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amorphous distribution transformer

Amorphous alloy oil-immersed three-phase transformer is a power transformer that combines amorphous metal core technology with oil-immersed design. The amorphous structure reduces core losses and makes the transformer more energy efficient. This combination offers several advantages, including greater energy efficiency and reduced energy losses.

Amorphous Metal Oil-Immersed Transformer Performance

Reducing Core Losses:

At the heart of the decision to use amorphous alloy lies the quest to minimize core losses. Unlike traditional crystalline alloys, amorphous alloys lack a defined structure, resulting in significantly reduced hysteresis and eddy current losses during the transformer's operation. This translates into lower energy dissipation in the form of heat, making the transformer remarkably efficient in converting electrical power.

Ultra-Low Hysteresis Losses:

Hysteresis losses occur when the magnetic core undergoes repeated cycles of magnetization and demagnetization. Amorphous alloys exhibit ultra-low hysteresis losses due to their disordered atomic structure, allowing them to respond more efficiently to the alternating magnetic fields in the transformer. As a result, the 200KVA 10KV transformer experiences minimal energy losses, ensuring a higher level of energy conservation.

Suppression of Eddy Currents:

Eddy currents, induced by the alternating magnetic field, contribute to energy dissipation within the transformer. The high resistivity of amorphous alloys suppresses the formation of eddy currents, further diminishing energy losses. This characteristic makes the amorphous alloy an ideal choice for applications where the reduction of electromagnetic losses is paramount.

Environmental Considerations:

Beyond its performance benefits, the use of amorphous alloy aligns with contemporary environmental sustainability goals. The manufacturing process of amorphous alloys typically requires less energy compared to traditional crystalline alloys. This reduction in energy consumption during production, coupled with the transformer's heightened efficiency during operation, contributes to an overall decrease in the carbon footprint.

technical parameter
Amorphous Metal Transformer
Number of Phase Three Phase
Winding Type Two Winding
Rated Capacity 200kVA
High Voltage 10/11kV
Low Voltage 0.4kV
Tapping Range ±2x2.5%
Impedance Voltage 4%
Load Loss 2.73/2.6kW
No-load Loss 0.34kW
No-load Current 1.0%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Connection Group Yyn0/Dyn11
Cooling Method ONAN
Coil Material Aluminum/Copper
Size 1240x780x1360mm
Weight 910kg

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Transformer Type:Amorphous Alloy Transformer
Winding Material:Copper/Aluminium
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Winding Type:Two-winding
Transformer Type:Amorphous Alloy Transformer
Cooling Way:AN/AF/Customized
Application:Power, Instrument, Lighting
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