Amorphous Alloy Transformer
amorphous core type distribution transformer
amorphous alloy transformer
amorphous core transformer
amorphous steel core transformer
amorphous core type distribution transformer
amorphous alloy transformer
amorphous core transformer
amorphous steel core transformer
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Amorphous Core Transformer

An electrical transformer is an essential device in the distribution and transmission system of electricity in the national grid electricity system. Along with the development of technology, the transformer manufacturing industry has also overgrown in recent years. Amorphous transformers were born with many outstanding features that outperformed those of the same type: saving operating costs, reducing CO2 emissions into the environment, increasing product life cycle, ...
Core Materials:
Silicon Steel
Winding Type:
Product Details
application Details
amorphous metal transformer
An amorphous core transformers is a core transformers made of amorphous steel. The most significant benefit of an amorphous transformer is that the amorphous steel has lower hysteresis loss. In other words, transformers made of this amorphous steel waste less energy (in the form of heat) during the magnetization and demagnetization of the core.

The benefits of amorphous metal transformer

An amorphous metal core transformer's great benefit is that the amorphous steel core has a lower hysteresis loss. Since there is no atomic arrangement law, the small energy loss (delay) when the induced current flows through the iron core.


Non-crystalline structure and random arrangement of atoms give low magnetic fields and high resistivity. Due to the magnetic field, low delay, and eddy currents with high resistivity, losses are minimal. As the core loss of metal alloy amorphous reduced by 42% and the magnetization current is 53%.


Besides, eddy current losses are reduced because of a thickness of approximately 0.03 mm, about 1/10 of silicon steel. The no-load loss rating is 1/4 to 1/3 of transformers that use traditional silicon steel for the core. By the way, the temperature in this amorphous steel core is low, which will significantly reduce the amount of air CO2 released into the environment.

technical parameter
Amorphous Transformer Parameter
Transformer Type Dry Type Amorphous Transformer
Rated Capacity 1000~4000 kVA
Rated Voltage(HV/LV) 33/0.8kV (Customized)
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Impedance 4~8%
Cooling Way AN/AF
Tapping Range +2X2.5%/-2X2.5%/Customized
Vector Group Dyn11/Customized
Winding Material Copper/Aluminium
Core Materials Silicon Steel
Insulation Level as Per IEC Standard
Temperature Rise Customized
Accessories Fans, Enclosure
Optional Protective Enclosure IP00/IP20/IP23/Cutomized
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage as Per IEC Standard
Transport Package Wooden Pallet, Wooden Case
Winding Type Two-winding

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