Amorphous Alloy Transformer
amorphous steel core transformer
amorphous metal transformer
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amorphous steel core transformer
amorphous metal transformer
amorphous distribution transformer
amorphous core type distribution transformer
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Amorphous Alloy Transformers

The cores of conventional transformers consist of stacks of laminations that are made from silicon steel with an almost uniform crystalline structure (CRGO). In transformers with amorphous cores, a ribbon of steel is wound to form the core. The big benefit of amorphous transformers is that amorphous steel has lower hysteresis losses. Simply put this means that less energy is wasted as heat during magnetisation and de-magnetisation of the core (see IR imagery below).
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Amorphous Alloy Transformer
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amorphous alloy transformer

An amorphous transformer is a transformer that uses an amorphous alloy in the internal structure, mainly for voltage conversion of electric power.


A transformer is a device that converts high-voltage power from power plants. It changes this power into usable voltage values for homes, factories, buildings, and other businesses.


In silicon steel plates normally used in transformers, the atoms are arranged in a regular structure. In contrast, amorphous alloys have a random atomic structure. This structure gives amorphous alloys the advantage of high strength, soft magnetic properties, and corrosion resistance.

Uses of Amorphous Alloy Transformers

Like ordinary transformers, amorphous transformers are used to convert the voltage values of high-voltage power produced at power plants and substations for use in homes, apartments, buildings, factories, and other business establishments.

Ordinary transformers generally use silicon steel plates for their cores, which results in standby power losses and energy dissipation. These standby power losses are extremely burdensome and are not environmentally friendly.

In contrast, amorphous transformers minimize energy consumption loss and significantly reduce standby power by taking advantage of the properties of the alloy. However, the disadvantage is that the size of the transformer is larger and heavier than conventional transformers. Also, the mechanical noise is louder than conventional transformers.

Principle of Amorphous Transformers

The principle of the amorphous transformer involves using an amorphous alloy in the inductor (Coil), which corresponds to the iron core in ordinary transformers. This improves electron mobility and reduces power loss, particularly standby power. In a transformer, the voltage is adjusted by the ratio of the number of turns of the coils inside the transformer to the current that flows through it. The voltage value is raised or lowered depending on the ratio of the number of turns of the coils on the primary and secondary sides inside the transformer.

The higher the number of coil turns, the higher the voltage, and conversely, the lower the voltage. Power plants and substations supply electricity with high-voltage AC power because it is necessary to reduce transmission losses in the wire cables as much as possible.

The transformer, which ultimately converts the AC voltage values of 100V/200V in ordinary homes and offices, is an indispensable piece of equipment for electric utilities. The presence of these transformers allows us to safely use electricity in our daily lives.


technical parameter
Amorphous Transformer

Transformer Detailed Specification

Transformer Type Amorphous Alloy Transformer
Rated Capacity 1000~4000kVA/Customized
Rated Voltage(HV/LV) Up to 40.5kV/Customized
Frequency 50 Hz/60 Hz
Impedance 4~8%
Cooling Way AN/AF/Customized
Tapping Range +2X2.5%/-2X2.5%/Customized
Vector Group Dyn11/Customized
Winding Material Copper/Aluminium
Core Materials Silicon Steel/Amorphous Alloy
Insulation Level as Per IEC Standard
Temperature Rise Customized
Accessories Fans, Enclosure
Optional Protective Enclosure IP00/IP20/IP23/Cutomized
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage as Per IEC Standard
Transport Package Wooden Pallet, Wooden Case
Winding Type Two-winding

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