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amorphous steel core transformer
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amorphous distribution transformer
amorphous core type distribution transformer
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Three-Phase Oil-Immersed Amorphous Alloy Transformer

A three-phase oil-immersed amorphous alloy transformer combines the features of a three-phase transformer, oil insulation, and amorphous alloy materials in its core construction.
Power, Instrument, Lighting
Core-type Transformer
Product Details
application Details
amorphous alloy transformer
As a new energy-saving technology, amorphous alloy transformer energy-saving performance is mainly derived from the use of a new type of iron-based amorphous alloy with excellent soft magnetic properties. Amorphous alloy core transformer is a kind of transformer made of new magnetic conducting material-amorphous alloy. Its free load loss(refers to power loss measured on primary when the transformer secondary is in open-circuit) is about 80% less than transformer with silicon steel sheet as core and the free load current (when the transformer secondary is in open-circuit, there is still a certain primary current which is called free load current) decreases about 85%.
Three-Phase Amorphous Alloy Transformer Feature

1. Ultra-low loss characteristics, energy-saving and high power efficiency;

2. The low energy cost and ultra-low loss characteristics in the manufacture of amorphous metal materials can greatly save the power consumption and reduce the power output of power plants, relatively reduce the emission of C02 and S02 waste gas and reduce the environmental pollution and greenhouse effect, it is maintenance-free and pollution-free;

3. Low operating temperature, slow insulation aging and long service life of transformer;

4. High overload capacity and high mechanical strength;

5. The amorphous core still has the characteristics of low iron loss and low excitation current when it passes through high frequency magnetic flux without the saturation of the core, therefore, the SCRBH15 type amorphous alloy transformer made of amorphous core has good harmonic resistance;

6. Investment returns quickly.

technical parameter
Three-Phase Amorphous Alloy Transformer
Number of Phase Three Phase
Winding Type Two Winding
Rated Capacity 200kVA
High Voltage 10/11kV
Low Voltage 0.4kV
Tapping Range ±2x2.5%
Impedance Voltage 4%
Load Loss 2.73/2.6kW
No-load Loss 0.34kW
No-load Current 1.0%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Connection Group Yyn0/Dyn11
Cooling Method ONAN
Coil Material Aluminum/Copper
Size 1240x780x1360mm
Weight 910kg

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Transformer Type:Amorphous Alloy Transformer
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