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35kv Dry-Type Transformers

Three phase resin-cast dry-type distribution transformer is with features of low loss, compact and light weight, low noise level,clamp-proof,anti-fouling,high mechanical strength, flame resisting, strong overload ability and low partial discharge quality.
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dry type pad mounted transformer

Dry-type transformers are widely used in power transmission and transformation systems, such as hotels, restaurants, airports, high-rise buildings, and commercial centers , Residential areas, subway smelting power plants and other important places. Which is used to reduce the 35kv grid power to 400v power distribution for users. It reduce 10KV power transmission and transformation links to reduce operating costs and multi-level substation construction.


The 35kv dry-type transformer is suitable for urban power grids, high-rise buildings, business centers, theaters, hospitals, hotels, tunnels, subways, underground power stations, laboratories, stations, docks, airports, combined substations and other places.

Features of cast resin dry-type transformer

1. The high-voltage winding is made of copper wire, the low-voltage winding is made of copper wire or copper foil, and the glass fiber felt is filled and wrapped. Cast with unfilled epoxy resin under vacuum. After curing, it forms a solid cylindrical whole with high mechanical strength, small partial discharge and high reliability.

2. Flame retardant, explosion-proof, not polluting the environment.

3. High resistance to short circuit and lightning strike.

4. The resin layer inside and outside the coil is thin, and the heat dissipation performance is good. The cooling method generally adopts air natural cooling.

5. Low loss, good power saving effect, economical operation and maintenance-free.

6. Because there is no risk of fire and explosion, it can be installed in the load center, thereby reducing the cost of the line and saving the cost of expensive low-voltage facilities.

technical parameter
Dry Transformer
Transformer type Cast resin dry type transformer
Transformer Model SCB-2500/35/0.4
No-load loss 4460W
load loss(75℃) 19080W
load loss(120℃) 21850W
No-load current (%) 0.9
Short circuit impedance 6%
Noise Level 53dB
Total Weight 7900kg
Demension(L*W*H) 2520*1070*2325mm
Cooling mode AN
Winding material (HV) Copper/Copper
Degree of protection IP00
HV tapping +/-2*2.5%
Insulation material Cast resin (HV)
Pre-impregnated (LV)
Insulation voltage 12kV Primary
1.1kV secondary
Insulation level Primary: 70kV AC
Secondary: 3kV AC
BIL 170kV for primary circuit
Type of installation Indoor
Maximum attitude <1000m
Standards IEC60076-11

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