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75 Kva Pad Mounted Transformer

GNEE Transformer is a leading manufacturer specializing in pad-mounted transformers. We offer a range of pad mounted transformers, including the UL/cUL listed 75 kVA pad-mounted transformer, with additional certifications such as CSA, SGS, ISO, and more. Whether you require live front, dead front, loop feed, radial feed, or specific design requirements, Daelim Transformer is well-equipped to fulfill your needs.
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The 75kVA transformer is in radial feed configuration. For high voltage it uses split insulating bushings (H1, H2, H3), while for low voltage it uses 4-hole spade terminals (X0, X1, X2, X3). The transformer is equipped with a liquid level indicator and an oil temperature indicator. Each indicator has an alarm contact for remote monitoring when the oil level or temperature is abnormal. Additionally, it is equipped with a two-position load disconnect switch. Upon customer request, this 75 kVA pad-mounted transformer can be supplied without fuse protection. With options such as bayonet fuses (with iso link) and current limiting fuses, the GNEE Transformer offers the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

3 Phase Pad Mounted Transformer Feature

1. Small size and compact structure. The floor area is only about 1/3-1/5 of the floor area of domestic European box type substation with the same capacity. Fully sealed, fully insulated structure, no insulation distance, safe and reliable, excellent transformer performance, low loss.
2. Equip S11 type transformer with low noise and strong overload capacity. It is divided into three parts: main high-voltage chamber, low-voltage chamber and transformer. The conventional layout is the Chinese character font (YBP). The high-voltage side adopts V-type or T-type load switch and two-stage fuse protection, which can be used for loop network and terminal. The power supply mode is flexible and reliable.
3. The high voltage chamber is equipped with oil humidity gauge, oil signal gauge, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve, oil drain valve and other components to monitor the operation of the transformer.
4. High voltage incoming line adopts cable plug and can be equipped with zinc oxide arrester to meet various low-voltage outgoing requirements. According to user requirements, low-voltage metering and shunt outgoing line can be added.
5. The transformer adopts corrugated fins for heat dissipation. After special process treatment, it has strong anti-corrosion ability, various shapes and structures. It can be made of ordinary steel plate, stainless steel and other plates.

technical parameter
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75 kVA Transformer Specifications

Phase 3 phase
Power rating 75 kVA
Mounting Pad Mounted
HV Voltage 25kV 
LV Voltage 480GrdY/277
HV BIL 125kV
Vectorgroup Dyn1
Cooling method ONAN
Std.  CSA C227.4
Config Radial feed
Frequency 60Hz
Tap changer 5 positions
Fluid Capacity 540L
Total weight 1400kG
Altitude ≤1,000m
Impedance 4.00%
Paint Color Musell green

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