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50 KVA Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

GNEE’ single-phase pad-mounted oil-immeresed distribution transformers are powerful, dependable, and designed with the environment in mind. With the ability to function indoors and outdoors, these transformers offer enhanced reliability and protection against critical equipment failure. The lower operating costs and heat emissions of these transformers make them an ideal choice for a wide range of applications.
1 phase
Pad Mount
Product Details
application Details
residential pad mounted transformer
50 kVA transformers are meticulously designed and manufactured in strict accordance with IEEE Std C57.12.38. They serve as medium-voltage distribution transformers within underground power distribution systems. The primary voltage is rated at 12470GRDY/7200V, with a secondary voltage of 240/120V. Operating at a frequency of 60Hz, these transformers achieve an outstanding efficiency rating of up to 99.11% and boast an impedance value of approximately 2%. Furthermore, the on-load loss value remains under 441W, and the no-load loss value does not exceed 125W. To ensure seamless integration into various environments, the transformers are finished with Munsell Green paint, enabling them to blend harmoniously with their surroundings, including parks, hotels, villas, and residences.

50kVA Pad Mounted Distribution Transformers Features

On the low-voltage side, the 50 kVA pad-mounted transformer is equipped with three LV bushings, enhancing operational flexibility. To facilitate regular monitoring of oil levels within the transformer, an oil level gauge is integrated. Additionally, an anti-theft design is implemented through the use of a pentahead bolt arrangement at the base of the tank, e ensuring that both the 50 kVA transformers and their spare parts remain safeguarded against potential theft.


At GNEE Transformer, they are always committed to delivering power distribution solutions that align seamlessly with your specific needs, underpinned by a steadfast dedication to quality, safety, and reliability.

technical parameter
Pad Mounted Transformer

50 kVA Transformer Specifications 

Phase 1 phase
Power rating 50 kVA
Mounting Pad Mount
HV Voltage 12470GRDY/7200
LV Voltage 240/120
HV BIL 95 kV
LV BIL 30 kV
Polarity Additive
Load break switch None
Winding Material Aluminum
Efficiency 99.11%
Std.  IEEE C57.12
Fluid Mineral Oil
Frequency 60Hz
Tap changer None
Fluid Capacity 55 GAL
Total weight 1235 LBS
HV Bshg. Bushing well & insert with dust cap
LV Bshg Stud with 7 holes
Impedance 2.00%
Paint Color Munsell Green
Fuses Bayonet & ELSP fuse

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