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500kva pad mount transformer
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25 KVA Single Phase Pad Mounted Transformer

The single-phase pad-mounted transformer rated capacity is 15-250 kVA. Single-phase Pad-mounted Transformer is generally used in places where single-phase power is required for civil use, such as household appliances, etc., and its capacity is relatively smaller than a three-phase pad-mounted transformer.
1 phase
Pad Mount
Product Details
application Details
2500 kva pad mounted transformer
Single-phase pad-mounted transformers are designed for underground residential and commercial distribution systems where safety, reliability and aesthetics are especially important. With proper design selection, they can be located near or inside buildings for greater flexibility and savings.

Pad Mounted Transformers Feature

1. This single-phase pad-mounted distribution transformer is an American box-type product, and its area is only about 1/3 of that of a cabinet-type substation (European-style cabinet transformer).
2. The product adopts a fully sealed and insulated frame, which is safe and reliable, performs the required performance, has a compact structure and beautiful appearance. No power distribution room is required and it can be installed directly indoors or outdoors, such as on the street or in green belts. This is not only a power supply device, but also an environmental decoration facility
3. Pad-mounted distribution transformers can directly supply power to electrical loads. It can also be used as part of the ring network power supply system. Convenient switch operation enables reliable and flexible power supply.

technical parameter
Pad Mounted Transformer

25 kVA Transformer Specifications 

Phase 1 phase
Power rating 25 kVA
Mounting Pad Mount
HV Voltage 24940GRDY/14400×12470GRDY/7200
LV Voltage 240/120
HV BIL 125×95 kV
LV BIL 35 kV
Polarity Additive
Cooling method ONAN
Winding Material Aluminum
Efficiency 98.63%
Std.  CSA C227.3
Fluid Mineral Oil
Frequency 60Hz
Tap changer 5-position
Fluid Capacity 295 L
Total weight 600 KG
HV Bshg bushing well
LV Bshg 7 holes
Impedance 1.50%
Paint Color Munsell green
Fuses Bayonet & ELSP fuse

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