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2000 KVA Pad Mounted Transformer

2000 kVA pad-mounted transformer meets ANSI, CSA, NEMA, IEEE, DOE, etc standards. GNEE 2000 kVA pad-mount transformers meet DOE efficiency values with UL listed.2000kva pad-mounted transformers according to the specific technical requirements, the iron core can be designed as a three-legged iron core or a five-legged iron core assembly structure.
Core-type Transformer
Product Details
application Details
residential pad mounted transformer
pad-mounted transformer is a specific type of housing for larger transformers that can be positioned in regions that are open to the general public. Tamper-resistant construction, tamper-proof nuts and screws, locked compartments with hinged doors, bottom entry of primary and secondary cabling, and baffled ventilation holes, if applicable, are all common features of transformers.
Pad mounted transformers is distinguished by its substantial power rating of 2000 kVA (2 MVA), with a high voltage configuration of 24.94 kV in a Delta arrangement and a low voltage output of 480V. It is thoughtfully engineered with a radial feed design, perfectly complementing dead-front systems. Notably, the transformer features a versatile 5-position tap changer, facilitating seamless voltage adjustments at 23693V, 24317V, 24940V, 25564V, and 26187V to cater to a wide range of voltage requirements.
technical parameter
Pad Mounted Transformer
2000 kVA(2 MVA) Transformer Specifications
Phase Three phase
Power rating 2000kVA (2MVA)
Mounting Pad Mount
HV Voltage 24.94 kV Delta
LV Voltage 480 V
HV BIL 125 kV
LV BIL 30 kV
Vectorgroup Dyn1 
Cooling method KNAN
Winding Material Aluminum
Insulation Fluid Biodegradable vegetable oil
Enclosure Rating NEMA 3R Weatherproof
Std.  ANSI/IEEE Std C57 & DOE 2016 Std
Config Dead front/loop feed
Frequency 60Hz
Tap changer 5-position
Fluid Capacity 416 GAL
Total weight 12125 LBS
No load loss 1555 W
On load loss 13670 W
Impedance 5.50%
Paint Color Munsell green
Capacity @ 65°C Temperature Rise 2000 kVA
Forced Air (Fans)  None


Designed primarily for underground power distribution systems, the 2000 kVA pad-mounted transformer exhibits remarkable versatility and finds practical application in various settings, including industrial zones, residential areas, digital centers, and emerging new energy projects. Its reliability makes it an indispensable power distribution solution across a wide spectrum of sectors and industries.

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