Pole Mounted Transformer
pole mounted three phase transformer
pole mounted distribution transformer
single phase pole mounted transformer
3 phase pole mounted transformer
pole mounted three phase transformer
pole mounted distribution transformer
single phase pole mounted transformer
3 phase pole mounted transformer
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Pole Mounted Distribution Transformers

The single-phase pole mounted transformer typically uses a toroidal core to support and guide the magnetic field. This core is made of a high-permeability material, such as silicon steel, to enhance the efficiency of the transformer and reduce iron losses. The primary and secondary windings are wound around this core and achieve voltage transformation through mutual induction.
Core-type Transformer
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pole distribution transformer
Single-phase pole mounted transformers find wide applications in industrial, commercial, and residential sectors. In industrial settings, they are often used in power distribution, substations, and control systems. In the commercial sector, they can be employed for power supply in buildings, shopping malls, and office complexes. In homes, they can be used for powering electronic devices, lighting, and other electrical appliances.

Features Of Pole-Mounted Distribution Transformers

Voltage Transformation:

The primary function is to transform higher voltage electricity from the distribution lines to lower voltage levels suitable for local consumption. Typically, these transformers step down voltage from medium voltage to low voltage (e.g., from 7.2 kV or 12.47 kV to 120/240 volts).

Pole-mounted distribution transformers can be designed for single-phase or three-phase power distribution. Single-phase transformers are commonly used for residential areas, while three-phase transformers are more common in commercial and industrial settings.
Enclosure and Weatherproofing:

The transformers are housed in weather-resistant enclosures to protect them from environmental elements such as rain, snow, and sunlight. This enclosure is designed to withstand outdoor conditions and ensure the transformer's longevity.

Cooling methods may include natural convection or forced air cooling. Some transformers have cooling fins or other features to dissipate heat efficiently.

Pole-mounted distribution transformers come in various capacities, ranging from a few kVA to several tens of kVA, depending on the specific requirements of the distribution area.

These transformers have primary and secondary windings, and the connection configuration is determined by the specific distribution requirements. The primary winding is connected to the distribution line, and the secondary winding supplies power to the end-users.

technical parameter
Pole Mounted Transformers

Single Phase Pole Mounted Transformer Parameters

Number of Phase Single Phase
Winding Type Two Winding
Rated Capacity 200kVA
High Voltage 10/11kV
Low Voltage 0.4kV
Tapping Range ±2x2.5%
Impedance Voltage 4%
Load Loss 2.73/2.6kW
No-load Loss 0.34kW
No-load Current 1.0%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Connection Group Yyn0/Dyn11
Cooling Method ONAN
Coil Material Aluminum/Copper
Size 1240x780x1360mm
Weight 910kg

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Application:Power, Electronic
Core:Core-type Transformer
Winding Material:Copper / Aluminum
Type:Pole-Mounted Distribution Transformer
Core:Core-type Transformer
Power rating:50 kVA
Standard:IEEE C57.12.20