Pole Mounted Transformer
50 kva pole mounted transformer
75 kva pole mounted transformer
three phase pole mounted transformer
pole mounted three phase transformer
50 kva pole mounted transformer
75 kva pole mounted transformer
three phase pole mounted transformer
pole mounted three phase transformer
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Single-Phase Pole Mounted Transformers

Single phase transformer is an oil-immersed transformer, and there are two types of single-phase transformers: Conventional Type and CSP Type. Rating ranging from 10 kVA to 333 kVA.GNEE Transformer takes pride in its ability to provide customizable and in-stock solutions for single-phase transformers, catering to a spectrum of industry requirements.
Core-type Transformer
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pole mounted distribution transformer

single-phase pole mounted transformer is a special type of single-phase transformer that has a pole mounted shape. It consists of a primary winding and a secondary winding and is primarily used to step up or step down the voltage of AC power.

The single-phase pole mounted transformer typically uses a toroidal core to support and guide the magnetic field. This core is made of a high-permeability material, such as silicon steel, to enhance the efficiency of the transformer and reduce iron losses. The primary and secondary windings are wound around this core and achieve voltage transformation through mutual induction.

Pole-mounted Transformers Feature


Voltage Transformation: Single-phase pole-mounted transformers are used to transform voltage from one level to another, typically stepping down the voltage for distribution to homes and businesses.
Distribution: They are a common component in the distribution network, helping to provide the appropriate voltage levels for end-users.

As the name suggests, these transformers are mounted on utility poles. This allows them to be positioned conveniently along power distribution lines, reducing the need for large structures or dedicated substations.

The transformers are housed in weather-resistant enclosures to protect them from environmental factors such as rain, snow, and sunlight.
Cooling may be achieved through natural convection or with the help of cooling fins to dissipate heat.

Single-phase transformers handle power in a single alternating current (AC) waveform. In contrast, three-phase transformers handle three AC waveforms and are often used in larger industrial settings.

Single-phase pole-mounted transformers come in various capacities, ranging from a few kilovolt-amperes (kVA) to several tens of kVA, depending on the specific requirements of the distribution area.

technical parameter
Pole Mounted Transformers
Single-Phase Distribution Transformer
Rated Power High Voltage Low Voltage W(mm) D(mm) H(mm) Weight(kg)
5 kVA
or others
400 530 960 115
10 kVA 430 530 980 150
15 kVA 480 580 1000 205
25 kVA 500 580 1030 245
37.5 kVA 560 640 1080 335
50 kVA 560 640 1130 370
75 kVA 780 800 1170 505
100 kVA 710 800 1230 530
167 kVA 795 895 1335 680

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Winding Material:Copper / Aluminum
Type:Pole-Mounted Distribution Transformer
Power rating:50 kVA
Standard:IEEE C57.12.20
Application:Power, Electronic
Core:Core-type Transformer
Core:Core-type Transformer