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Power Transformer 30mva 69kv/115kv/230kv

A power transformer is a mere classification of transformers with a voltage range varying between 33 kV-400 kV and a rating above 200 MVA. The voltage ratings of power transformers available in the market include 400 kV, 200 kV, 110 kV, 66 kV, and 33 kV. The other types of transformers include distribution (230 V-11kV) and instrument transformers.
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Core-type Transformer
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power supply transformer

Power transformers are a core component of power transmission system. The substation transformer used for power transmission and transformation in a unit or substation, and is also the core part of the substation. Transformers are the core equipment of the traction power supply system of electric locomotives, and also the key equipment to ensure the safe and stable operation of the traction power supply system.


Electrical  Transformer Feature
  • Capacity range:Through 60 MVA (ONAN), with high-voltage   ratings through 230 kV (900 kV BIL)
  • Service Location: Outdoor
  • Core: Regular grain-oriented; mitered cruciform with step-lap construction
  • Coils: Cylindrical construction; all copper windings, custom tempered per design requirements; circular windings with rectangular or continuously-transposed conductor; helical low-voltage windings; continuous disc medium-voltage windings; shielded disc high-vollage windings
  • Radiators: Detachable panel type with shut-off valves; mild steel
  • Insulating oil: mineral oil type I & typell
  • Tank Cover.Welded,
  • Bolted Manholes: On cover or tank
  • Tank Base: Flat bottom or Skid under base
  • Tank Material: Mid Steel
  • Frequency: 60 Hertz Winding
  • Tem rise: 55 ºC
  • HV Taps; DETC, ETC in tank or out
  • - Above rated volts: 2 x2- 1/2% off load taps of full capacity
  • -Below rated volts: 2 x 2- 1/2% off load laps of full capacity
  • Valve: Drain and Fiter Valves, w/Sampler
  • Lifting, Moving, and Jacking Facilities
technical parameter
power transformer

Design and Manufacture Standard ANSI-IEEE 57. 12/CSA/EN/BS/GOST/AS,IEC 600761



Sealed-tank system /Inert-gas pressure system or Conservator-tank system without diaphragm

On load or no load voltage tap changer






Mineral Oil Inhibited I Not Inhibited I Vegetable oil


Primary voltage


Up to 230kv, up to 900kv BIL




Up to 240MVA




50/60 HZ


Operating Condition
Suitable for indoor and outdoor application.

Ambient temperature: -50 ºC~40 ºC
Relative humidity: ambient air relative humidity should be below93%,
Altitude: ≤1000m
Max wind speed: ≤35 m/s
Earthquake acceleration: horizontal acceleration ≤0.3g
vertical acceleration ≤0. 15g
Special conditions: customized products are available.

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