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12v power transformer
power transformer suppliers
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138kv 132kv Power Transformer

138kV and 132kV Transformer is based on ANSI, IEEE, CSA, AS, as well as NEMA standards for design and production. The capacity can reach 120mva. It has the characteristics of low loss, high efficiency, and strong mechanical and electrical performance. Can be used for long-distance transmission and substation.
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dc power transformer
power transformer is defined as a transformer that operates with high voltages and currents in the power system network. It is mainly used to increase or decrease the voltage level between the generator and the distribution circuits. A power transformer has two or more windings that are magnetically coupled through a core. A varying current in one winding creates a varying magnetic flux in the core, which induces a varying voltage in the other windings. The ratio of the voltages in the primary and secondary windings depends on the number of turns in each winding.

Three Phase Power Transformer Feature

Power transformers are used for several reasons in the electrical power system. Some of them are:

To reduce power loss in transmission lines: Electrical power is generated at low voltage levels, which results in high current and high line losses due to ohmic heating. By using a step-up transformer at the generating station, the voltage level can be increased, and the current can be reduced, which reduces the line losses and improves the power factor. Similarly, at the receiving end, a step-down transformer can be used to lower the voltage level to a suitable value for distribution and consumption.

To provide galvanic isolation between circuits: Power transformers can provide electrical isolation between two or more circuits that have different potentials or frequencies. This can prevent short circuits, ground faults, interference, and damage to sensitive equipment.

To match the load impedance with the source impedance: Power transformers can adjust the voltage and current levels of a circuit to match the load impedance with the source impedance. This can improve the power transfer and efficiency of the circuit.

To provide multiple voltage levels for different applications: Power transformers can provide different voltage levels for various purposes, such as lighting, heating, cooling, communication, etc. For example, a three-phase transformer can provide three-phase power for industrial applications, as well as single-phase power for domestic applications.

technical parameter
Power Transformer
132kv Class Three-phase two winding OLTC power transformer
Rated Power High Voltage Low Voltage No-load Loss(kw) On-load Loss(kw) No Load current(%)
10MVA 132 kV
138 kV
6.3 kV
6.6 kV
10.5 kV
11 kV
11.8 51.2 0.82
12MVA 13.7 59.5 0.82
15MVA 16.3 73.1 0.76
20MVA 19.5 88.4 0.76
25MVA 22.7 105 0.69
30MVA 27.4 126 0.69
37.5MVA 32.9 148 0.63
50MVA 38.9 184 0.63
60MVA 46.4 221 0.57

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