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25/0.4KV DRY Power Distribution Transformer

The three-phase epoxy resin dry-type transformers produced by our company have the characteristics of low loss, compact structure, light weight, low noise, moisture-proof, high mechanical strength, and flame retardant.
Dry-type transformer Type:
Cast resin
Single or Three Phase
Product Details
application Details
power transformer
Dry-type transformers refer to transformers whose iron cores and windings are not immersed in insulating oil. They are widely used in residential quarters, high-tech centers, factories and mines, airports, stations, schools and other places. This series of dry-type transformers are used to directly reduce 35KV electrical grid power supply to 400V distribution power supply for users and omits the stage of 10KV transmission and transformation., which significantly decreases operating costs and engineering construction costs of multi-level substation projects, and have significant social benefits. By optimizing the structure of the high-voltage coil, the distributions of voltage and capacitance between layers are improved, which greatly enhances the impact resistance of products to withstand atmospheric over-voltage and operating over-voltage, as well as improves the electric field distribution and further reduces the partial discharge volume of product.

Our SC(B) series epoxy resin cast dry transformer is cast under vacuum with thin insulating bands automatically.

The core is made of a high-permeable grain-orientated silicon steel sheet and cast with imported epoxy resin.

The coil is reinforced with glass fiber and cast under vacuum with filler epoxy resin. It has good mechanical properties, is free of crack and inner bubble, and has a low local discharge, high reliability, and long service life.

The high and low-voltage systems are cast under vacuum, thus the coil will not absorb moisture, the clamps of the core are subjected to corrosion-resistant treatment and it may run under high temperature or other serious environments.

technical parameter
Power Transformer

Dry-type transformer Type

Cast resin

Manufacturing Standards


Rated Capacity

Up to 25MVA

Rated Voltage

Up to 36KV


Single or Three Phase


With tapping links or on-load tap changer


50Hz or 60Hz

Vector groups

Dy, Yy, Yd as standard. Other on request

Class insulation

According to IEC 60085, Class F or Class H

Type of cooling

AN (natural air),AF, AFWF on request

IP Rate

IP00 to IP54

Environment Class


Environment Class


Fireproof Class


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