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Oil Immersed Type Power Transformer, Electric Power Transformer

Oil immersed power transformer ,use Japanese Toshiba analysis soft ware and our company special calculation and validation procedures to make sure the performance of products. Superior process equipment ,elaborate material selecting and efficient manufacturing make the transformer have small volume,light weight,low loss,low partial discharge,low noise characteristics.
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>Power transformer is main primary equipment in power grid, especially on long distance transf-ormation.

>General type is used for up and down voltage ,auto transformer is used for coupling power system with different voltage level.

>There are various types power transformer such as double winding, triple winding, off circuit tap change, on load tap change, high impedance.

>Apply to grid power station, hydropower station, thermal power plant, industrial power station and soon.

>GNEE using high purity copper winding, Bao-steel high performance CRGO four stages lamination, loss level could better than GB and IEC standard.

>Using processes like tension plate, cushion block precompression, outside and inside gagger to guarantee performance of loss level, dynamic stability, heat stability, and noise level.

>Nice appearance with bending corrugated bell jar type oil box.

Cold Rolled Silicon Steel Power Transformer Feature 

> The shell
- ABB robot automatic welding, laser detection, to avoid leakage, pass rate of 99.99998%
- Electrostatic plastic spray treatment, 50 years do not take off the paint (coating corrosion resistance within 100h, hardness ≥0.4)
- Sealed structure, maintenance-free, normal operation life of more than 30 years

> The iron core
- The iron core is made of high quality cold-rolled grain oriented silicon steel sheet with mineral oxide insulation (from Baosteel and WISCO of China).
- By controlling the cutting and stacking process of silicon steel sheet, the loss level, no-load current and noise can be minimized
- The iron core is specially reinforced to ensure the structure of the transformer is firm during normal operation and transportation

> Winding
- The low voltage winding is made of high quality copper foil with excellent insulation resistance
- The high-voltage winding is usually wound with insulated copper wire, using the technology patented by hengfengyou electric
- It has very good ability to bear radial stress caused by short circuit

technical parameter
Power Transformer
Model NO. S11

Cooling Method

Oil-immersed Type Transformer

Winding Type

Two-winding Transformer


ISO9001, CCC, CE


Power Transformer, Distribution Transformer

Frequency Characteristics

Power Frequency

Shape of Core




Rated Capacity


Conductor Material




Transport Package

Export Standard Wooden Case






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