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Cold Rolled Electrical Steel
Non oriented silicon steel
Cold Rolled Silicon Steel
Cold Rolled Electrical Steel
Non oriented silicon steel
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Cold Rolled Non Oriented Silicon Steel

The non-oriented silicon steel features even magnetic properties in the rolling direction and in other directions. They are widely used for iron core materials of rotating machines ranging from large-size power generators to small-size precision electric motors. They are also desirable for iron core of small-size power transformers.
Cold Rolled
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Cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel (CRNGO) is another type of electrical steel used in the construction of transformer cores, electric motors, and other electromagnetic devices. Unlike cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel (CRGO), which has a preferred grain orientation, CRNGO steel has a non-oriented or random grain structure.
GNEE CRGO Silicon Steel
  1. Random Grain Structure: In CRNGO steel, the grains are not intentionally oriented during the cold-rolling process. This results in a more isotropic material with magnetic properties that are relatively consistent in all directions.

  2. Higher Core Losses: Compared to CRGO steel, CRNGO steel generally has higher core losses. Core losses include hysteresis and eddy current losses, which contribute to energy dissipation in the form of heat during the operation of electromagnetic devices.

  3. Applications: CRNGO steel is often used in applications where the direction of the magnetic field varies, such as in electric motors, generators, and certain types of transformers. It is suitable for applications where the primary concern may be cost or where the specific magnetic characteristics of the material are more important than achieving the lowest possible core losses.

technical parameter
CRGO Silicon Steel
Classification of electrical steel
  Category Silicon content, % Nominal thickness, mm  
Hot rolled silicon steel plate
(no orientation)
Hot-rolled low-silicon steel (hot-rolled electrical steel) 1.0~2.5 0.50  
Hot-rolled high-silicon steel (hot-rolled transformer steel) 3.0~4.5 0.35 and 0.50    
Cold rolled electrical steel sheet Non-oriented electrical steel
(cold-rolled electrical steel)
Low carbon electrical steel ≤0.5 0.50 and 0.65
Silicon steel >0.5~3.2 0.35 and 0.50    
Oriented silicon steel
(cold-rolled transformer steel)
Ordinary grain oriented silicon steel 2.9~3.3 0.20,0.23,0.27
0.30 and 0.35
  High magnetic induction oriented silicon steel 2.9~3.3    
In addition to the types of electrical steel in the above table, there are also some electrical steel sheets for special purposes, such as 0.15 and 0.20mm thick 3%Si cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel strips and 0.025, 0.05 and 0.1mm thick 3%Si cold-rolled oriented silicon steel thin strips. 0.7mm thick 3% Si high-strength cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel plate for relays and power switches; high-strength cold-rolled electrical steel plate for new high-speed motor rotors ; Low-carbon electrical steel hot-rolled thick plates and cold-rolled plates for magnetic shielding of medical nuclear magnetic resonance tomography scanners and high-energy accelerator electromagnets; 4.5%~6.5% Si high-silicon steel plates for high-frequency motors and transformers, and magnetic shielding, etc. .non oriented silicon steelcold rolled silicon steelCold rolled electrical steel

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