Oil immersed transformer
three phase oil immersed transformer
oil immersed
three phase oil immersed transformer
oil immersed self cooled transformer
three phase oil immersed transformer
oil immersed
three phase oil immersed transformer
oil immersed self cooled transformer
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20kv Series Oil-Immersed Distribution Transformer

Distribution transformer oil-immersed with power rating from 20 to 2500 kVA and Voltage 6-36/0,4 (0.23)kV. In 50/60 Hz power transmission and distribution system for power supply and lighting in industrial and agricultural field.
Core-type Transformer
Product Details
application Details
oil immersed power transformer
Distribution transformer is one of the important equipment in the power supply and distribution system of industrial and mining enterprises and civil buildings. It reduces the 10 (6) kV or 35kV network voltage to the 230/400V bus voltage used by users. This product has the characteristics of high efficiency and low loss, can save a lot of power consumption and operating costs, and has significant social benefits. It is a new technology product. Both oil-immersed and pole-mounted distribution transformers are designed for use in power centres, substations and networks, as well as pad-mounted oil-immersed power transformers for use in public distribution systems, commercial buildings and industrial complexes.

Features of 20kv Series Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer

•Unique Welding Process, No Leakage

Eliminate the high and low pressure risers to reduce welds; the fuel tank wall uses wide-width steel plates to reduce joints; a unique welding process to ensure welding quality.

•Groove Structure

All sealing flanges are grooved to ensure sealing performance.

•Control Leakage

All the oil drain valves of the transformer are made of copper valves, and the radiator uses a vacuum butterfly valve to reduce the leakage of the transformer.

•Low Loss, Low Noise

Adopt domestic and foreign advanced technology and equipment, professional research and development. The core adopts high-performance cold-rolled oriented silicon steel sheet and fully automatic robot lamination machine with small shear burr and low lamination coefficient, which effectively reduces the no-load loss, no-load current and noise of the transformer. The no-load loss is 5% to 15% lower than the manual lamination.

•High Reliability

The transformer is equipped with an oil surface thermometer, the top of the fuel tank is equipped with a pressure relief valve with a contact point, the oil level indicator of the oil storage cabinet is an oil level gauge with a contact point, and the high and low pressure casing is an anti-fouling enhanced pure porcelain oil type casing, which can be used for Heavy pollution level environment.

•High Quality Insulated Skeleton Support inside the Coil

The inside of the coil is supported by a high quality insulating skeleton. All coils adopt inner and outer struts, all struts and blocks are chamfered, the electric field is uniform, and the reliability is enhanced. All fasteners on the axial body of the coil are self-locking locknuts, so that the product can withstand long-distance transport bumps without looseness and without the need for a lifting core.

technical parameter
Three-Phase Oil-immersed Transformer
Phase: three
Cooling Method: ONAN
Frequency: 50 or 60Hz
Vector Group: Dyn11, Yd11, Ynd11, or others
Capacity Range: 30KVA to 2500KVA
Primary Voltage: 15KV to 22KV
Coolers: corrugated wall or radiator
Oil preservation: hermetically sealed or conservator/free breathing
Tap changer: Off-circuit or On-load. 3 steps; 5 steps; 7 steps; 9 steps; 13 steps; 17 steps
Cooling medium: mineral oil
Winding materials: aluminum or copper
Parts: Oil draining valve, Oil level indicator, Thermometer, Gas relay, Pressure relief valve, Earthing terminal, Lifting lugs, Nameplate, Outdoor bushings, etc.
Rating Plate: Yes (GNEE brand or Customer brand)
Execution Standard: IEC 60076, GB1094.1-2018

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oil immersed transformer
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oil immersed current transformer
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