Oil immersed transformer
oil immersed current transformer
1000 kva oil filled transformer
oil immersed transformer
hermetically sealed oil filled transformer
oil immersed current transformer
1000 kva oil filled transformer
oil immersed transformer
hermetically sealed oil filled transformer
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Three Phase Oil Immersed Transformer

Oil-immersed transformers This type of product is used in power systems and is the main transformer equipment in small and medium-sized substations, providing power distribution and electric lighting for industry and agriculture.
Power, Electronic, Power Transformer
Core-type Transformer
Product Details
application Details
1500 kva oil filled transformer
Oil immersed power transformer,based on know-how accumulated over decade years in oil immersed distribution transformer field, GNEE oil-immersed transformers have been supplied to various industries including semiconductor, steel work, and petrochemical. Further, as an outstanding and comprehensive oil immersed distribution transformer solution provider, we respond to the oil immersed power transformer demanding requirements of our customers by developing and manufacturing both eco-friendly pole mounted distribution transformer and high-efficiency oil immersed power transformer. Both oil immersed distribution transformer and pole mounted distribution transformer are designed for power centres,substations and network, also for pad mounted oil immersed power transformer, used in public distribution system, commercial building and industrial complexes.

Advantages of a three-phase oil-immersed transformer

-The core of silicon steel is made of 0.18 ~ 0.3mm orientation silicon steel sheet stacked by punching and shearing, which has good stability.

-The coil is made of pure copper. The acetal enamelled wire is used for high voltage and oxygen-free copper conductor or copper foil for low voltage to improve the short-circuit resistance.

-The Dyn11 connection symbol is used to avoid the influence of higher harmonics. It provides high resistance against uncompensated load and improves the quality of power supply.

-Vacuum oiling is adopted by the transformer to remove bubbles in the core and ensure stable insulating property.

technical parameter
Oil Type Transformers

Parameters oil-immersed transformers with capacity

Voltage Maximum
no-load losses (W)
on-load losses(W)
Short circuit
impedance Uk (% )
30   70 505/480 4
50   90 730/695 4
63   100 870/830 4
80   115 1050/1000 4
100   135 1265/1200 4
125   150 1510/1440 4
160   180 1850/1760 4
200 6.0 215 2185/2080 4
250 6.3 260 2560/2440 4
315 10 305 3065/2920 4
400 10.5 370 3615/3440 4
500 11 430 4330/4120 4
630   510 4960 4.5
800   630 6000 4.5
1000   745 8240 4.5
1250   870 9600 4.5
1600   1050 11600 4.5
2000   1225 14640 4.5
2500   1440 14840 5

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Type: Oil Immersed Transformer
Primary Voltage: 10~35kV
Application:Power, Electronic, Instrument, Lighting, Rectifier, Audio
Cooling Method:Oil-immersed Type Transformer