Non-oriented Electrical Steel

11 Dec 2023
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  • Electrical steel, usually referring to cold rolled electrical steel, can be divided into two major categories including grain-oriented electrical steel and non-oriented electrical steel.
  • Non-oriented electrical steel is widely used in the field of motor, compressor. automobile and other industries because of its random grain distribution and uniform electromagnetic properties.
  • As a key functional material for power generation and determining the efficiency of power application, non-oriented electrical steel has important economic and technological value for energy saving and emission reduction in the industrial chain.
  • Non-oriented electrical steel with its easy magnetization direction parallel to the rolling direction, has excellent magnetic properties in this direction including low core loss, high permeability, low magnetostriction and is widely used in the transformer industry. Further it can obtain lower core  loss by domain renement treatment. Meanwhile non-oriented electrical steel, featured by random distribution of grain orientation and magnetic isotropy, is widely applicable to the motor industry.
Cold rolled non grain oriented steelNon grain oriented electrical steel
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