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18 Dec 2023
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Cold-rolled oriented silicon steel is a type of electrical steel commonly used in equipment such as transformers and electric motors in the power industry. Here are some of the main uses for cold-rolled grain-oriented silicon steel:
Cold rolled oriented silicon steel
Transformer Core: Cold-rolled oriented silicon steel is one of the main materials used in manufacturing transformer cores. Its low hysteresis loss and high magnetic permeability make the transformer more efficient in transferring electrical energy.

Electric motor: The iron core used in electric motors is also usually made of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel. This helps reduce the hysteresis loss of the motor, improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption.

Generator: In some generators that require high-efficiency conversion, cold-rolled oriented silicon steel is also used as the core material.

Inductors: Inductors usually need to operate in electromagnetic fields, and the excellent electromagnetic properties of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel make it an ideal choice for manufacturing inductors.

Electric power distribution equipment: Cold-rolled oriented silicon steel can also be used in the iron core of some electric power distribution equipment, helping to improve the efficiency of the equipment.

In general, cold-rolled oriented silicon steel is widely used in the power industry. Its main advantages are low hysteresis loss, high magnetic permeability and stability in electromagnetic fields. These characteristics make it a core component in manufacturing power equipment. Ideal material.
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