Power Transformer Capacity and Maintenance

07 Apr 2024
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A power transformer converts the AC voltage and current of one system into the voltage and current of another system through electromagnetic induction. Another device or several different values of voltage with the same frequency.


1. Understand the power transformer capacity


The capacity of the power transformer is a customary value for expressing power. The power transformer is the size of the transmitted electrical energy, which is expressed in KVA or MVA. When the rated voltage is applied to the transformer, when the power transformer is arranged in the product structure, in addition to considering the amorphous alloy iron core In addition to being not affected by external forces, power transformers must also accurately and reasonably select the characteristic parameters of amorphous alloys during calculation.


The function of the power transformer is multi-faceted. It can not only increase the voltage and send the electric energy to the electricity-consuming area, but also reduce the voltage to the voltage used at all levels to meet the needs of electricity consumption. In the process of transmitting electric energy in the power system, the power transformer, Voltage and power losses will inevitably occur. When the same power is transmitted, the voltage loss is inversely proportional to the voltage. The power transformer is composed of two or more coil windings wound on the same iron core. It is connected with the magnetic field and works according to the principle of electromagnetic induction.


2. Understand the power transformer maintenance plan


If the capacity of the power transformer is greater than 320kVA but less than 3200kVA, the power transformer maintenance plan shall be checked at least once a month. For those on-duty substations and indoor power transformers with a capacity of 3200kVA and above, the power transformer maintenance plan shall be checked at least once every 10 days. Personnel substations or transformers of 320kVA and below installed in small power transformer rooms and on-pillar transformers, the power transformer maintenance plan shall be checked at least once every two months, and shall be checked before and after each use.


When the power transformer is in severe climate change (cold, hot), additional inspection of the oil level of the transformer should be carried out. When the power transformer gas relay sends an alarm signal, the power transformer maintenance plan should also be externally inspected. The bushing should be clean and free of damage and crack discharge traces and other phenomena, the power transformer oil bag should be normal, the oil level should meet the scale requirements of the oil gauge pipe, and there should be no oil leakage. The doors, windows and latches of the power transformer room should be complete, the door should be locked, and the house should not leak rain, lighting and air temperature should be appropriate.

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