GNEE’s Chilean transformer customer

16 May 2024
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On May 15th, we were honored to welcome Chilean customers to visit GNEE.
Distribution transformerPower distribution transformer
Our customers target distribution transformers, epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers and special oil-immersed transformers. During the meeting between the two parties, we had in-depth exchanges and discussions with our customers on the technical aspects of the above products. We introduce various products and the entire quality control process in great detail in our production workshop.
Distribution and power transformerPole distribution transformer
The interaction between both parties sincerely expressed their willingness to cooperate with us and highly recognized our technical strength and product quality.
Single phase distribution transformer3 phase distribution transformer
Afterwards, like friends, we act as guides to take customers to appreciate the beauty of Anyang. In short, GNEE always makes you feel at home.
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