Tazanian Customers Visit GNEE Silicon Steel Factory

21 May 2024
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On May 20, 2024, a new silicon steel customer from Tanzania came to our company to discuss business and communicate on product issues. The customer visited our electrical steel factory and learned that our main products include oriented silicon steelnon-oriented silicon steelsilicon steel coressilicon steel sheets, transformers and other products. After the visit, the customer expressed his willingness to cooperate with us.

Cold rolled grain orientedCold rolled grain oriented electrical steelCold rolled grain oriented steel

The customer ordered oriented silicon steel coils from our company.Oriented silicon steel coils are commonly used in electrical power distribution and transmission systems due to their excellent magnetic properties. The low core losses help minimize energy losses during the transformation and transmission of electricity, making them more efficient.

CRGO steel

The coils are typically produced in thin strips and wound into tightly packed coils. This configuration allows for the maximum utilization of the magnetic properties of the material. The Oriented silicon steel coils can then be further processed and assembled into laminated cores for various electrical devices.

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