Polish customers cooperate with GNEE

06 Jun 2024
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Recently, a Polish customer visited GNEE's non-oriented electrical steel factory. We first contacted them by email. Through in-depth contact and several trial orders, we gradually won the trust of the customer. Due to the large demand, the Polish customer will develop molds for new products. They decided to visit in person to see the scale and strength of GNEE.

Non-oriented electrical steels (NOES) are the most widely used core material for electric motors, generators and alternators due to their high magnetic permeability, high magnetic saturation, low iron losses and relatively low cost. The magnetic properties of NOES depend strongly on the silicon content, the cleanliness of the steel, the thickness of the steel sheet and the grain size and texture of the final laminate.
Non oriented silicon steelNon oriented electrical steel
Non oriented electrical steel sheetCold rolled non oriented electrical steel
After a short meeting at the headquarters, we went to the factory and the customer visited our production line and quality inspection center. They were satisfied with our advanced equipment, high work efficiency and strict quality inspection control. Advanced facilities, strict quality control and high-quality products made the customer decide to cooperate with us. The customer spoke highly of our products and advanced facilities. Next, we held a meeting to discuss the details of the cooperation, such as payment methods, freight, and logos. At present, several cooperation projects have been finalized.
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