Indian customer ordered 1000 tons of oriented silicon steel coils

17 Jun 2024
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This customer is the largest steel importer in India, mainly supplying to the Indian government. We are their primary supplier in China, and the two sides have been cooperating for 5 years. In recent years, the Chinese government has strongly supported trade cooperation in Central Asia. Due to the relatively high subsidies for trains to Central Asia, more and more of our products are entering the Central Asian market through train transportation. Zhengzhou is a transportation hub in Central Asia. Our office is very close to the station, and it is very convenient to arrange shipment. The products we export to Central Asia include silicon steel, cold-rolled steel, seamless pipes, transformers, welded pipes, carbon steel plates, patterned plates, etc. On June 13, 2024, the customer visited our company and factory and ordered about 1,000 tons of silicon steel. The customer was very satisfied with our company's quality control, production capacity and service, and reached an agreement on long-term cooperation in the future.
Grain oriented silicon steelOriented silicon steel
Oriented silicon steel, also known as grain-oriented electrical steel, is a type of magnetic material that is highly organized and has a preferred direction of magnetic alignment. This directional alignment is achieved during the manufacturing process by applying a strong magnetic field to the steels sheets as it is rolled. As a result, oriented silicon steels has low magnetic loss and high magnetic permeability, making it ideal for use in applications where efficiency is critical, such as in high-efficiency transformers.
Cold rolled grain oriented silicon steelCold rolled silicon steel
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