Bangladeshi customers visited us to purchase silicon steel sheets

17 Jun 2024
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On June 13, 2024, customers from Bangladesh visited our company. We are very grateful for their visit. This time they plan to purchase silicon steel plates. The customer has his own factory. This time he mainly wants to inspect the strength and authenticity of the supplier. We introduced many cases of our cooperation with global customers, quality control systems, and our cooperation projects with Bangladesh. They are very satisfied with our strength and service, and also discussed the details of future cooperation.
Grain oriented electrical steel sheetCRGO steel sheets
CRGO sheetsSilicon electrical steel sheet

Silicon steel sheet, also known as electrical steel, is an important soft magnetic alloy that is indispensable in industries such as electric power, electronics, and military industry. It is also the metal functional material with the largest output. Mainly used as the iron core of various electric motors, generators and transformers. Its production process is complex and its manufacturing process is strict. Foreign production technology is protected in the form of patents, and patents are regarded as the life of an enterprise. The manufacturing process and product quality of electrical steel plates are one of the important indicators to measure the level of special steel production and technological development of a country. At present, the quantity, quality, and specifications of my country's cold-rolled electrical steel cannot meet the needs of the development of the energy (power) industry. Compared with Japan, there is a big gap in production technology, equipment, management, scientific research, etc.
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