2600 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Shipped To Uzbekistan

21 Jun 2024
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On June 19, I was pleased to receive on-site photos of pad-mounted transformers from a client. These transformers are playing a key role in an important project in Uzbekistan. These key components include a total of 5 sets of 2600 kVA pad-mounted transformers, all UL certified, strategically placed on site. So far, 3 sets of transformers have been successfully installed on site and are scheduled to be put into operation immediately. Please allow me to tell you more about this project.
Pad Mounted Transformer Specifications
Type Loop Feed Pad Mount Transformer
Standards IEEE Std 
Rating 2600 kVA
Primary Voltage 13800 Delta
Secondary Voltage 480GrdY/277
Frequency 60Hz
Vector Group Dyn1
Winding Material Aluminium
Load Loss At Rated Voltage 21000W
No Load Losses 2960W
Impedance 5.75%
Altitude ≤1000m
No. Of Tap Position 5
Color Munsell
Demand and GNEE Transformer Solution
In March 2024, GNEE Transformer received an inquiry from a customer to purchase transformers for its plant in Uzbekistan. The grid line is rated at 13.8kV, while the plant equipment requires 480V. With our extensive experience in Uzbekistan projects, our engineering team quickly proposed the best solution: 5 2600 kVA pad-mounted transformers. The pad-mounted transformers were selected based on their ease of installation and minimal maintenance requirements. In addition, the 2600 kVA capacity was selected to help the customer minimize procurement costs and maximize economic benefits.
Pad mounted transformerSingle phase pad mounted transformer
Customer Satisfaction
When GNEE Transformer presented this solution to the customer and described its benefits, the customer commented on GNEE Transformer's professionalism and considered it one of the best suppliers they had ever dealt with. They highly recognized and trusted both us and the proposed transformer solution. Subsequently, in March, our engineering team completed the design drawings and verified them with the customer. The customer expects us to complete the production of the transformers by the end of July 2024.

Execution Excellence
GNEE Transformers’ procurement, production and support departments demonstrated exceptional efficiency. Production was successfully completed on June 10, 2024 – seven weeks ahead of the customer’s initial expectations. This outstanding performance highlights GNEE Transformers’ commitment to exceeding customer expectations through timely and seamless operations, ensuring smooth deliveries throughout June.
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