1500 kVA transformer for Vietnam mining project

21 Jun 2024
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Introducing a 1500 kVA transformer tailor-made for a mining project in Vietnam. The transformer is a three-phase configuration with four units deployed. Notably, its primary voltage is 11kV, while the secondary voltage is 1kV. Compact, safety-focused and reliable, the transformer has been carefully designed and manufactured to meet the stringent requirements outlined in AS 60076 and AS efficiency value standards. Let's take a closer look at the key features and specifications of this essential solution.
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Main Features
11kV 1500 kVA Transformer Standard Compliance: Designed in accordance with AS 60076/IEC 60076 and AS 2374 standards, ensuring first-class quality and regulatory compliance.
Efficient Design: The compact and efficient design maximizes space utilization while maintaining high performance, ideal for mining environments.
Reliability: Designed for safety and reliability, it provides uninterrupted performance in challenging conditions.
Practical Design Elements: With the designed H.V./L.V. alternating side and LV floor entry cable box, it is easy to install and versatile.
Monitoring Capability: Equipped with necessary monitoring functions, including winding temperature gauge and oil temperature thermometer, it can be proactively maintained.
Voltage Regulation: Flexible voltage regulation range of ±5*2.5% ensures optimal performance under different load conditions.
All instrument connections are fixed with standard black explosion-proof pipes to ensure durability and safety in mining environments.
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1500 kVA Transformer Specifications
Primary Voltage: 11kV1500 KVA Transformer for Mining in Australia
Secondary Voltage: 1kV
Rated Frequency: 50Hz
Cooling System: KNAN
Number of Windings: 2
Number of Phases: 3
Coolant: Vegetable Oil
Impedance: 5%
Winding Material (H.V and L.V): Aluminum
Substation power transformerUnit substation transformer
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