1750 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer for the Pakistan Market

02 Jul 2024
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Today, we're excited to present a transformer project tailored for the Pakistan market. Our 1750 kVA pad mounted transformer is designed to meet the specific requirements of our clients in Pakistan. This step-down transformer boasts a primary voltage of 13.8 kV and a secondary voltage of 480Grdy/277V, adhering to the IEEE C57.12.34 standard. With its robust features and reliable performance, this transformer is set to enhance the power distribution infrastructure in Pakistan.
Pad mounted transformerSingle phase pad mounted transformer

1750 kVA Pad Mounted Transformer Key Features

1. Dual Fuse Protection System

Equipped with a dual fuse protection system, our transformer ensures enhanced safety and reliability, featuring bay-o-net fuses with isolation links for added security.

2. Tap Changer with 5 Positions

The inclusion of a 5-position tap changer allows for flexible adjustment of voltage levels, optimizing performance and efficiency according to varying load conditions.

3. LV Terminal with 6 Holes

Designed for convenience and versatility, our transformer comes with an LV terminal featuring 6 holes, facilitating easy and secure connections.

4. Separable Insulated High Voltage Connectors

With separable insulated high-voltage connectors, our transformer offers efficient and reliable connections while ensuring maximum safety during installation and maintenance.

5. UL Listed Nameplate

Featuring a UL-listed nameplate, our transformer meets rigorous quality and safety standards, assuring its superior performance and compliance with industry regulations.

3 phase pad mounted transformer
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