2000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers for Indian

09 Jul 2024
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GNEE Transformer is pleased to announce its contribution to a utility project in India involving the supply of two 2000 kVA pad-mounted transformers.

These pad-mounted transformers are essential to enhance the power infrastructure in the region. The project required compliance with CSA standards and a strict 10-week delivery schedule to meet the client’s urgent needs.

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Pad mounted utility transformerOutdoor pad mounted transformer

Leveraging our extensive experience in the North American market and deep understanding of IEEE/ANSI, CSA, DOE standards, and local regulations. GNEE Transformer swiftly responded to the client's technical requirements. Within one week, our engineering team produced the transformer's design drawings for client confirmation.

The production department efficiently coordinated the work and completed the transformer production within 8 weeks.

Key Features

  • Connection: The high and low voltages are connected using the Wye connection method
  • Core construction: Five-legged core construction
  • Two-fuse system: Three bay-o-net fuses and three ELSP fuses provide enhanced protection and ease of replacement in case of current faults, safeguarding the transformer and the power system.
  • Four-position switch: 38kV, 300AMP for efficient operation and control.
  • Off-circuit tap changer with 5 positions for flexibility in voltage adjustment.
  • Neutral terminal grounding ensures safety and stability.
  • cUL Listed Nameplate
  • Compliance with CAN/CSA-802.1 for energy efficiency.

2000 kVA Pad Mounted Transformers Specifications

Type  Loop feed pad mounted
Rated Power 2000 kVA
HV 27600GrdY/16000
LV 600Y/347
Rated Frequency 60 Hz
Cooling System ONAN
Vector Group YNyn0
Impedance 5.75%
Audible Sound Level 61db
Core/Shell Core type with 5 core legs
Insulation Oil PCB-FREE Mineral oil
Installation Environment Outdoor
Altitude Above Sea Level 1000m
Working Temperature -50℃ to +40℃
Dimensions Height: 1945 mm, Depth: 1655 mm, Width: 1730 mm

GNEE Transformer, as a professional transformer manufacturer with UL/cUL listed certification, stands ready to provide expert transformer solutions for your projects. Our transformers are not only safe, reliable, and of high quality but also ensure fast delivery to meet your project timelines. Contact GNEE Transformer today for all your transformer needs.

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