What is Cold Rolled Grain-Oriented Steel?

08 Dec 2023
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GNEE Steel Cold Rolled Electrical Steel
The main purpose of cold-rolled oriented silicon steel strip is for transformer manufacturing, so it is also called cold-rolled transformer silicon steel. Compared with cold-rolled non-oriented silicon steel, oriented silicon steel has strong magnetic directionality; it has superior high magnetic permeability and low loss characteristics in the rolling direction of easy magnetization. The iron loss of the oriented steel strip in the rolling direction is only 1/3 of the transverse direction, the magnetic permeability ratio is 6:1, and the iron loss is about 1/2 of the hot rolled strip, and the magnetic permeability is 2.5 times of the latter .
 High magnetic induction cold-rolled silicon steel strips are all single-oriented steel strips, which are mainly used in the manufacture of electromagnetic components such as transformers and chokes in the telecommunication and instrument industries. There are two main characteristics of its application. One is that under the condition of low current, that is, weak magnetic field, the material is required to have high magnetic properties in the range of weak magnetic field, that is, high μ0 value and high B value; the second feature is the frequency of use High, usually above 400Hz, even up to 2MHz. In order to reduce the eddy current loss and the effective permeability under an alternating magnetic field, a thin strip of 0.05-0.20mm is generally used.
Cold rolled oriented electrical steel
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