Thorough Analysis On The Causes Of Spontaneous Combustion Of Power Transformers

05 Jan 2024
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1、 There is no insurance on both sides of high and low voltage of distribution transformer. Some of them have been installed with drop out fuses and claw fuses, but most of the fuses are replaced by aluminum or copper wires, resulting in the failure of the fuse to fuse normally and burning the transformer in case of low-voltage short circuit or overload. The high and low fuses of the distribution transformer are improperly configured. The fuse on the transformer is generally configured too large, which causes the transformer to burn down when the distribution transformer is seriously overloaded.

2、 Due to the large number of rural lighting lines, most of them are single-phase power supply, and the randomness and inadequate management of jumpers in the construction, the load of distribution transformer is in phase deviation operation. Long term use leads to the aging of the insulation of a phase coil and the burning of the transformer.

3、 Tap changer.

1. Adjust tap changer privately. Due to the large difference of power load between winter and summer, the voltage varies greatly. As a result, some rural and enterprise electricians adjust the tap changer without the test and adjustment of the power repair and testing department, resulting in the distribution transformer tap changer not in place, poor contact and burning.

2. The tap changer has poor quality, unreasonable structure, insufficient pressure, unreliable contact, and the position of the external word wheel is not completely consistent with the internal actual position, which causes incomplete contact of the star moving contact. The misplaced moving and static contacts reduce the insulation distance between the two taps, and short circuit or ground discharge occurs under the action of the potential between the two taps. The short circuit current will soon burn out the tap wire turns, or even damage the entire winding.

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