The Efficiency of Oil Immersed Transformer Use

12 Jan 2024
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GNEE Steel oil immersed hermetically sealed type transformer

The use of oil-immersed transformers is to use its efficiency. If the efficiency is high, the function of the transformer will be better played. In fact, oil-immersed transformers are realized by efficiency in economic construction. There are many factors that affect the efficiency of transformers. How much is the efficiency of oil-immersed transformers generally?


1. The use efficiency of oil-immersed transformers


The efficiency of oil-immersed transformers is very high, reaching more than 90%. At rated power, the ratio of the output power to the input power of the oil-immersed transformer is called the efficiency of the oil-immersed transformer. When the output power p of the oil-immersed transformer is equal to the input power P, the oil-immersed transformer will not produce any loss. But in fact there is no such oil-immersed transformer. Oil-immersed transformers always generate losses when transmitting electrical energy, which mainly include copper loss and iron loss.


Copper loss refers to the loss caused by the coil resistance of oil-immersed transformers. When the current passes through the coil resistance to generate heat, a part of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy and lost. Since the coil is generally wound with insulated copper wire, it is called copper loss. The iron loss of oil-immersed transformers includes two aspects. One is the hysteresis loss. When the AC current passes through the oil-immersed transformer, the direction and size of the magnetic field lines passing through the silicon steel sheet of the transformer change accordingly, causing the molecules inside the silicon steel sheet to rub against each other and release thermal energy, thus losing a part of the electrical energy, which is the hysteresis loss.


The other is eddy current losses, when oil-immersed transformers work. There are magnetic lines of force passing through the iron core, and an induced current will be generated on a plane perpendicular to the magnetic lines of force. Since this current forms a closed loop to form a circulating current and is vortex-like, it is called an eddy current. The existence of eddy current makes the iron core heat up and consumes energy, and this loss is called eddy current loss.


The efficiency of the oil-immersed transformer is closely related to the power level of the oil-immersed transformer. Generally, the greater the power, the smaller the ratio of loss to output power and the higher the efficiency. Conversely, the lower the power, the lower the efficiency. The efficiency of oil-immersed transformers is a direct reflection of the efficiency of the transformer's work, and it is also the contribution rate of the transformer to economic construction.

oil immersed distribution transformer

2. The demand for oil-immersed transformers


Oil-immersed transformer is a special form of transformer. It plays a huge role in the application of various transformers and the use of transformers. With the needs of industrial and agricultural production, the power is constantly updated and Application, the demand and market for oil-immersed transformers will be greater!

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